Picture this: a rabble rousing lyrical kaleidoscope of Norse mythology, occult folktales, and “Satanic Space Vikings” soundtracked by black metal-fueled, punked-out rock ‘n’ roll anthems.

It could easily be a late night cult cable series, but it’s KVELERTAK’s third full-length album, Nattesferd [Roadrunner Records]. Unpredictability threads together the record’s nine songs, and it also remains the band’s calling card. This mastery of the musically unexpected has cemented the Norwegian sextet—Erlend Hjelvik [vocals], Bjarte Lund Rolland [guitar], Vidar Landa [guitar, piano], Maciek Ofstad [guitar, vocals], Marvin Nygaard [bass], and Kjetil Gjermundrød [drums]—as one of heavy music’s most celebrated acts.

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