Following the brilliant PEEP EP, the spectral Pinkunoizu are set to release their debut album, Free Time!, on Full Time Hobby. Named after the Japanese word for “pink noise” and based in Copenhagen and Berlin, multiculturalism is at the forefront of this band’s world – they play an exotic mixture of lo-fi, high-life, nu-folklore, ’60s Asian pop and post-apocalyptic future rock. “Most of what I write comes from picking up exciting words or phrases from wherever I stumble upon them,” says chief songwriter Andreas Pallisgaard. “Or maybe it simply comes from floating around like some empty receptor, open to letting the language of the world flow through me.”

Self-recorded in the rehearsal rooms in the German and Danish capitals, Pinkunoizu’s debut album is a meditation on the concept of time filled with hazy pools of feedback and repetitive beats. “We were trying to look into alternative experiences of time as something elastic, expandable, modal,” says Andreas. “Aspects of remembrance are of course connected to this theme, and runs like a disturbed signal through most of the record as well.” It’s been a constant theme in the band’s work since the first song they penned together, Time Is Like A Melody, which opens the album. “It connects the listener to one of the most incomprehensible mysteries of being,” says Andreas. Elsewhere, songs deal with subjects ranging from the Arab spring to cyborgs and feminism – the country twang of Cyborg Manifesto.

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