Twenty-one year old Rachel Anne Morris was born in Blackpool and chose to stay there over moving to London after signing to Atlantic. Her family have never moved.

Remaining in the same house where she grew up with her parents and older brother has not just kept her grounded, it’s hugely contributed to the development of her voice and style. Her earliest memories of music include having her mind blown by her brother playing her Coldplay’s ‘Parachutes’ through his Minidisc player, or watching Kate Bush’s video to ‘Cloudbusting’ with her dad. She takes the name ‘Rae’ from her grandfather, Raymond – a carpenter and local musician. Although she never met Raymond (he died when her father was a young man), he’s come to exert a large influence upon her and the family. Music is important to all of them – she and her brother have always taken piano lessons together from the age of four, her dad’s been trying to learn saxophone for 30 years, while her uncle plays in local covers bands, and at family get-togethers the Morris’s enjoy bringing the guitars out and having a sing-along to Steely Dan or ‘Hey Jude’.

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